As promised – we are back from France and I feel like a million bucks!

“My story started 2 years and 3 months ago. I broke my back in a horse riding accident – vertebra L4 was completely crushed with extensive damage to S1, as well as damage to the nerves in that area. The doctor said it was very serious and that my body aged by 20 years. At that time, I thought “everything will be just fine”.

It was not – I was in pain every day. Everyone told me it will take up to 18 months to completely recover. After 12 months depression set in – I was constantly sore, I didn’t exercise anymore, my horse riding reduced to short, 20 minute sessions, once a week. I was drained of all energy – physically and emotionally.  On average I was taking 5 pain killers per day. I tried numerous physiotherapy treatments, back exercises, yoga moves etc.

Then a colleague told me about Body Stress Release. Initially I did not give it a second thought. What I had was much more serious than stress!  But one day the constant pain became too much, and I made an appointment with a Body Stress Release Practitioner near me.

That was three months ago.

I have a new lease on life! I still have some pain sometimes, but my physical and emotional energy improved substantially. Body Stress Release taught me to appreciate and look after my body, allowing it to heal itself: how to be aware of my posture – how I sit, how to lift heavy objects, my position whilst driving, etc. I just returned from a 14-day (vacation) road trip and have a very broad smile on my face – no painkillers during this whole time!  Wow!

I am eternally grateful to Body Stress Release and thank God every day for this intense breakthrough in my life.

Everything is going to be fine …

Melanie van Vuuren


South Africa