A woman in her seventies had x-rays taken which showed advanced osteoarthritis of the spine – regeneration of the vertebrae with many osteophytes – bony outgrowths, especially in the neck region. She had been in constant, increasing pain over the years. After two sessions of BSR, her neck was more mobile and she was free of pain. It had been assumed that the osteophytes had been encroaching on the spinal nerves. However, the fact that the pain withdrew after the releases showed that in this case the bony spurs were not exerting pressure on the nerves. The pain was caused by the compression effect of the tension stored in the back structures. 

Older people often blame pain and malfunction on ageing, and learn to ‘live with’ their problems.  When they talk about being too old to expect any improvement, they need to be reminded that, just as a cut on the skin heals itself, no matter the age of the person, the healing process remains active throughout the body.  

(An excerpt from BSR Founder Gail Meggersee’s book:  Body Stress Release, Unlocking tension – Restoring self-healing)