In the beginning of 2018 my 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, as I regularly go for Body stress release I mentioned this to my practitioner. He suggested that we try some BSR to see if it will help her.
As life happens, I did not manage to take her, she had to get a small operation as well. By June we were back in Hospital as she tore a small muscle in her and was diagnosed with Femoral Anteversion (Kissing-Knee Syndrome). This meant that her right foot turned in completely when walking and caused her to trip over her foot all the time.

We started with BSR, after the first 2 sessions I already started to notice a change in her. She started realising when she got cold or hot. She could even tell me that some materials and bedding was bothering her skin. Previously she would just cry and not know why. Now she was able to explain what she was feeling and why she was crying.

We continued with BSR every second week, within the first 2 months her foot starting straightening and she was not tripping over her foot so much. The difference in my child with regular BSR vs no BSR is amazing. She is calmer, able to express what she is feeling on her skin and able to walk and run better.

As an adult I have always know the benefits of BSR but I did not know what a huge impact it would have on my daughter’s quality of life.

She is now 4 and we will continue with BSR to improve her movement and ability to understand what her body is feeling.